Books I finished reading this week include

“I See You” by Clare Mackintosh.
In the opening pages, Zoe Walker is on the train in London, casually flipping through a newspaper when she stumbles upon an advert that has a photo of what she thinks is her and a website called She resolves to brush it off but continues to check the papers for more adverts. She recognizes two more women and contacts the police. With the help of a detective, they race to discover the killer.

Well, the good news about this book was that it was a quick read. It wasn’t bogged down with long passages. That being said, it still could have been shorter. There were too many repetitive passages, like having dinner with friends, rehashing the drama between the current boyfriend and the ex-husband. There was so much unnecessary drama that the reader had to wade through.

As a character, Zoe is kinda annoying. She spent most of the novel fretting about the advert, about potentially being murdered, but she didn’t do anything about it. She was also wishy-washy, thinking about her ex-husband and playing on his feelings for her. She even asked him for a substantial amount of money.

The other characters weren’t much better, neither were their subplots.

The writing was good, I guess. There was a lot of easy lines, some cliche lines that you could have skimmed and not missed a thing.

As far as the ending goes, how does a main character disappear for half the book and no one mentions anything? Also, I was disappointed by it. There was no indication that x and y characters were involved together, so it wasn’t a great plot twist.