I’ve been feeling all sorts of out of place.

I’ve been taking a creative writing workshop for the past five weeks. It’s been good for me in the sense that I am finally, finally writing again. It is not good in the sense that it’s been using up all my energy, so I constantly feel depleted, like I’m always spent. If I’m not spent, then I have all this nervous energy rattling around inside me.

Every time I try to relax, I end up going on-line shopping instead. How many lipsticks, sweaters do I need? I purchased a pineapple ornament from Nordstrom, convinced I had to have it.

It doesn’t help that stores have been kicking their sales into high-gear.

I like to say that I love the James Bond films but that’s a lie. I love only Casino Royale with Daniel Craig. The reason I am linking to How Die Another Day Almost Blew Up the James Bond Franchise is because the movie gets a brief mention in the piece I’ve been working on. I’ve been trying to construct a whole memory around it.

Learning to Fly: When You Have to Be Your Own Parent is particularly relevant these days.