Rule #1:

Always have a book on hand.

B nearly always runs late. When we first started dating, waiting for him gave me anxiety, especially when I would call or text him asking for an ETA, and he wouldn’t get back to me for a few minutes. I’ve accepted that when he runs late, it’s work-related, a crisis or other. I’ve adjusted.

I grew up bringing a book with me everywhere and for a period of time, I dropped the habit. Dating him made me pick it back up again. I’ve also started carrying one with me because I’ve been trying to read more during my commute, at lunch, when I’m waiting for friends. There’s nothing like getting caught up in the world of a good book.

We drove down to Boston for the weekend but before we did, I made a pit stop at the library. One, I think I knew I would shelve “The Patriots” and I did. Florence’s storyline was interesting but ultimately, there was too much in-between, I couldn’t continue.

Last night I started “Sorry to Disrupt the Peace” and I made it 15 pages before falling asleep. It was late and I will go back to it, but I’m not sure that I can say the same for “The Party.” Initial thoughts: The opening pages, especially the closing lines, are too dramatic for my taste. Kim, the wife, has a crush on another man because her husband Jeff is neglecting her after an incident last year. I am 95 percent sure it’s going to be revealed that he had an affair. I might have to shelve it too.