The roundup

Trans, Teen and Homeless: America’s Most Vulnerable Population: “With so many cards stacked against them – poverty, racism, sexism and homo- and transphobia – they are, in many ways, America’s most vulnerable population.”

A Brotherly Journey from Alaska to Vegas Ends in Sorrow: A profile on two people affected by the Las Vegas shooting.

These Very Good Dogs Are Comforting The Survivors Of The Deadly Las Vegas Shooting: Lois, a golden retriever, is one of the 19 comfort dogs providing solace to those affected in the shooting.

British people think they know America – but the gun control debate shows how little we do: “Nowhere is it more apparent than in the debate around gun control. An angry white man is in the White House. And angry white men who murder scores of people with guns are not terrorists, apparently. The reaction to these massacres is that more people go out and buy guns to protect themselves. This mentality is incomprehensible to many of us. Never mind North Korea, Americans excel at killing each other with guns and opioids.”

After the check is gone: “And where they were going was deep into the underground American economy, where researchers know some people receiving disability benefits are forced to work illegally after the checks are spent..”

Finally, a quote from The Wrong Way to Save Your Lifea collection of essays on fear by Megan Stielstra. “Look: I know how small this experience is in comparison, but whenever I hear the “right” way to stand up for yourself, the “right” way to protest, I taste that please: bitter, burning, furious. Ask nicely to make decisions about your own body, Ask nicely for police to stop killing you. Ask nicely for your family to not be deported. Be patient as we discuss whether or not you may go to the bathroom. Be patient as we decide whether or not you are allowed to marry the person you’re in love with. Be calm when there’s a gun in your face. Be calm when there are tanks on your street. Be polite in the tear gas. Smile as your schools are closed. Don’t be so fucking sensitive.”