The roundup

Me, Lady Gaga, and the Medical Establishment that Failed Us Both: Recently Lady Gaga announced that she’s been suffering from fibromyalgia and has been hit with a wave of criticism that she’s being dramatic, playing the victim, etc. “When you have a poorly understood illness,” science writer Julie Rehmeyer told the writer of this article, “too often, doctors don’t believe your testimony about your own body, and you watch yourself transform in their eyes into a hysterical woman. This same dynamic is rampant throughout women’s health — we’re all affected by sexist ideas about women’s emotionality and irrationality.”

Women Aren’t Nags – We’re Just Fed Up: This morning, I woke up to a sink full of dishes. My husband was the one who ate dinner last night and he’s relatively good about cleaning after himself, except for last night. I asked why he didn’t wash the dishes. “I put the laundry in the wash and folded it,” was the response, as though somehow that means “I didn’t have to do the dishes.”

Death of a Playmate: Hugh Hefner died earlier this week. Read this Pultizer Prize winning story from 1981, focusing on the death of one of his earliest playmates, Dorothy Stratten.

On American Identity, the Election, and Family Members Who Support Trump: I don’t have family members that support Trump but close friends. It’s been hard.