In which I purchase books as a salve

There comes a period every few months when my book purchasing and borrowing from the library spins out of control. I am at that point. I’ve gotten better at buying used books so I don’t feel so bad about the spending, I do and I don’t, and at passing books along when I know a friend wants to read one. If they come back to me, they come back. I had planned on typing out the names of the new additions but looking at them, well, that feels foolish so I took a picture. (This doesn’t include books on pre-order or already shipped, like my books from the Book of the Month club)

It really started with It, by Stephen King, if you can believe it or not. My husband and I had taken my mom to see the movie. I was surprised at how less frightening I found it and my husband discussed how the movie differed from the book he read as a teenager. I haven’t read it but I bought it. That was on September 11th. Afterward, I pre-ordered Gabrielle Union’s new memoir (out on October 17th!) because I love her. Excerpts from it were released today, making me more excited for it. Dark at the Crossing was nominated for a National Book Award for fiction, and I had Amazon credit so I ordered that. I ordered another seven books over the next four days, two on pre-order (We Were Eight Years in Power and A Christmas Railway Mystery, out on December 14th) and one hasn’t arrived yet. I ordered Mr. Peumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore because I had read great things about his second novel, Sourdough, which I recently read and didn’t love.

I pre-ordered Bone by Yrsa Daley-Ward, which came on Tuesday. Everyone knows autumn is the season for poetry. I’ve been following her on instagram and I really enjoy her work. I ordered seven other books, including Nasty Women, which just came out on Tuesday and pre-ordered The Floating World by C. Morgan Babst, which comes out on October 17th. In between all those Amazon orders, I stopped by Barnes and Noble after I had some lab work done and bought three books. I rarely buy in stores but I couldn’t help myself, I was in such a funk.

It’s rare that I feel guilty for purchasing a book, especially so many at once, and I don’t feel guilty per se, but I definitely feel overwhelmed with all of the new additions. Some would say I have a more acceptable form of hoarding, which is what I’ve taken to thinking of it as. “Why don’t you read the books you have?” My mom would often ask. I do, I do read what I have but then I see one that I like and I buy it. These past few weeks have been rough for me, emotionally and physically, so purchasing some of these books has been like a salve. I would buy one and think of nothing of skipping breakfast or lunch as a way to make up costs. It’s just how I’ve been for all of my life. Do I feel better? I don’t know. I’ve been trying to get through my library books first, since I also borrowed a dozen books from there, ranging from Gravel Heart to A Legacy of Spies to The Locals.

On a final note, one of the best books I have is one a close friend purchased for me.