The Quickest Roundup You Ever Did Read

I’ve had really bad headaches lately, and reading the news is awful. I bookmark stories a lot these days, promising myself I’ll come back to it later on. Usually I don’t. I’ve also been taking a creative writing class for the past five weeks, which is draining AF. I’m overwhelmed with plenty of good books to read, but what else is new?

I love The Mary Sue’s response to Susan Sarandon’s interview with The Guardian. Of course her interview took place in a private members’ club. Because of course it did. #whitewomanprivilege

The New York Times did a humanizing profile on a Nazi in the heartland over the weekend. This might be the push my husband needs to finally cancel his subscription.

How much would you pay to save your pet? Sadly, we had to euthanize our youngest cat recently (the prognosis was very poor) but I think if his survival rate/quality of life rate would have been better, I would have been part of the two-thirds and paid $1K to keep him alive. It’s hard to say how much more I would have paid.

I love these comics by Reza Farazmand.