A quick update on my 2018 reading goals

Huffington Post published “60 Books We Can’t Wait To Read In 2018” at the end of December. I’ve heard about a lot of them already but of course I pre-ordered more, like Red ClocksEverything Here is BeautifulFreshwaterGun Love, and one or two others not on the list. I also have a few library holds! I’ve been using Paperback Swap to get rid of some books I’ve read or shelved because I’m no longer interested in them, so it’s helped me clear up some space on my bookshelves. Not too much space, ultimately, because I keep buying new books.

I added two to my 2018 finished pile: Hostage, a graphic novel depicting true life events about a Doctors Without Borders administrator being kidnapped in 1997, and A Christmas Railway Mystery, #15 in The Railway Detective Series. Admittedly, I started them before 2018 so they’re not fully considered 2018 reads but c’est la vie. Both solid four-star reads but I wish Goodreads had half-stars too. I hate trying to figure out if I should bump a read down or up half a star in order to get a rating that works.


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