What I’ve Been Up to and Keeping Up With

Mostly I’ve been spending my time re-reading Harry Potter and spending my nights at home with my cats. I’ve managed not to buy any books, which is an accomplishment in and of itself. I even skipped Book of the Month this month, determined to be good. I bought The Rules of Magic but it never came so that doesn’t count. I saw The Florida Project, which was excellent. Vulture and The Guardian have interviews with Sean Baker up now.

I watched parts of Stranger Things season 2. Sometimes I would sit and pay attention to the television. Other times I just walked away and let the episode keep playing rather than forcing my husband to pause for me all the time. I binge-watched Riverdale, I’m on season 2 of Narcos. I’ve been reading some good books and some pretty shitty books.

I chopped inches off my hair. Every time I do something to my hair, I always hear my mom’s voice in the back of my head and I immediately panic about her reaction. When I was growing up, she always said “no tattoos, you can’t dye your hair, no piercings, etc.” I dye my hair to keep the grays out but her rules don’t have any effect on my sister, who has a tattoo and has been dying her hair for the past few years, unable to commit to a color.

I signed up for a writing class. I don’t know. I keep trying to make this story work but what if it’s just unworkable?

I keep thinking about this article from The Atlantic and this one from Catapult. I keep thinking about my childhood.

This woman wrote an article entitled “Post-Wedding Comedown Is Awful & No One Talks About It,” which was not a thing for me. I’ve always felt that people should not make their wedding the centerpiece of their life, refer to it as “the best day ever.” It’s just setting yourself up for failure.

The case against Danny Masterson has stalled, coming right on the heels of the sexual assault allegations against Kevin Spacey, who is now seeking treatment. Ah yes, the infamous seeking treatment after the news has already dropped and the person has been caught. At this point, I’m more surprised when I read the news and no one has been accused of sexually assaulting someone.

The mission behind hospice care is to allow loved ones the opportunity to die with dignity, often at home, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Buzzfeed has a whole article on how Spacey used being in the closet to silence his victims. I like their long read articles a lot.

But dying of childbirth does happen in America.

Donna Brazile released a Danielle Steel style excerpt from her new book yesterday, which later turned out to be debunked, but no one in mainstream media is covering that portion of the news. I don’t know why everyone crowds around Bernie like he’s the second coming of the Messiah; he’s not even a Democrat. I can’t argue about that with everyone (white males) on my Facebook because it just gets me angry and I need to watch my stress levels.

Now that I think about it, I like the title of this post.